In PDX: Tusk

Tusk is one of my favorite Portland restaurants. I even have it listed on my "Portland List". Tusk is known for it's locally sourced and seasonally aggressive menu that updates often. I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan when restaurants update their menus seasonally, as it allows me to continually try different menu options without getting bored. Everything about Tusk is just special though. From the vegetable-driven middle eastern menu, to the over-sized portrait of Keith Richards above the bar (which I am borderline obsessed with) and the bright white decor with brass fixtures - Tusk is truly a gem and not to be missed.

My sister was just in town visiting last weekend and I surprised her with a visit to experience their brunch (I've only ever had their dinner...). She's already plotting how she can get back down here to experience another meal.

whipped feta, herb tehina, seeds, almonds

plums, date syrup, almonds, whipped cream

queso oaxaca, spicy tomato, squash, nigella seeds