Our Ireland Video

I'm not claiming to be a video expert by any means, I still have a long ways to go and probably shouldn't quit my day job, but it is always so much fun making these travel videos. :) I don't think I mentioned this in my past videos (that you can find here, here and here) but the music I pick for these videos are all songs that Luke and I hear on our trip and songs that end up holding special meaning to us. On this particular trip we drove from Dublin to Northern Ireland so we had a lot of radio time in the car. There are some songs that just stuck with us and we'd hear over and over. They became the theme songs of our trip and we'd Shazam our favorites so we could reference them later. When I hear these songs now I'm instantly transported back to driving on the left-hand side of the road and then jamming out back at our AirBnb once we've ended a day of exploring.

(Music Credit: I purchased Calvin Harris "Slide" + Ed Sheeran "Galway Girl" on iTunes)