A trip to the pumpkin patch

There's a funny story that goes along with this post. Our dear friends (Kara and Donny & Katie and Paul) invited us to the pumpkin patch at Sauvie Island one weekend. I was beyond excited to hang out with everyone, I told a co-worker of mine that I was going to meet my friends at the pumpkin patch and she said "oh Kruger's Farm?". I thought, sure, that one. Little did I know that there are a few pumpkin patches on Sauvie Island and we ended up going to the WRONG one; totally missing out on hanging out with our friends. It was a major bummer, but we ended up meeting up with them for lunch later in the day, thankfully.

Here are a few photos that I took from the day while we were "waiting for our friends" at the wrong pumpkin patch, haha.

We joked that this looked like it could be a pregnancy announcement...
We also joked that this looks like it could be senior photos... haha!

- Photos © Holly Copeland -


  1. Glad you guys had a good time even though you missed your friends :)
    We haven't made it to the pumpkin patch yet this year, but that one at Sauvie Island looks great!

  2. So fun! You always have such great pictures!

  3. Love that you covered two different life events with your photos :) Haha! Visiting the pumpkin patch is still on my to-do list for this month!


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