PDX Blogger Ride @ BurnCycle

I love our gym (A LOT) but there's just one thing missing... Spin classes! When I lived up in Seattle I got addicted to spin classes. For me, it's the best workout. I've been looking to add spin back into my workout and have been hearing a lot about BurnCycle. I've been wanting to try out a BurnCycle class for a while, so when I came across a PDX blogger event that includes a complimentary class - I signed right up! I'm not sure if there are any spots left, but if you're interested send an e-mail to the address on the invite! 

Portland blogger friends - are you going to this!?! I'm pretty excited!!


  1. I will be there as well! I've attended quite a few BurnCycle classes over the past few months and absolutely love it! See ya Saturday :)

  2. I'll be there too! See you on Saturday!


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