The end of an era

This my friends, was my car. Sigh. A few weeks ago we traded her in for a brand spankin' new SUV. I've been wanting an SUV forever and couldn't wait for the day when I could make my dreams of owning one a reality and ditch my little brown car. Well that day came last week and I was surprisingly very sad to say goodbye to my little car. She's been with me for the last 10+ years - we've been through SO MUCH together. I know, I know, it's just a car; but she was mine and I loved her. (side note: why are cars always girls? know what I mean?)

The car was an early college graduation present from my parents, I just had to make the last year of car payments and she was all mine! I paid off the car rather quickly and for the past 10 years have enjoyed zero car payments :) She was super reliable and never broke down; minus a few minor maintenance issues, but what car doesn't have those? We've been through a few accidents together and one mean lady in a parking lot with a very sharp key (sorry car!). But she always kept me safe.

We've been on countless road trips together - down to Arizona and back, down to San Francisco and back a few times, not to mention a bazillion trips between Portland and Seattle during mine and Luke's long distance days. The memories that I have with this car are countless, but she was 12 years old with 177,000 miles, so it was time to move on while I could still salvage some money from the deal.

Little brown car, we had a great run this past 10 years. You'll be missed. Kind of... I'm quickly liking the touch screens, voice command system and double sunroof in the new car :) How crazy is it that in another 10 years those features will all be ancient?! Crazy, I tell ya!


  1. so long little car! i was happy to get rid of my first car.. it was TEAL with a sunroof hahha. gross. now i havent driven in 7+ years... i hope my next car is a safe one! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. new to your blog .. i've had my car {first and only} for 17 years - it was even totaled during Hurricane Sandy, but i paid to keep him :o)

    PS _ i have a GIVEAWAY going on, stop by and pass on the good karma!


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