Portland Dining Month

March is Portland Dining Month! Over 100 Portland area restaurants participate and offer a special 3-course dinner for only $29/person. It's such a cool concept. Most of the restaurants that participate in Portland Dining Month offer exclusive menu options that you can't find on the regular menu, so it really makes for a special and unique dining experience. Over the weekend we dined at The Country Cat and loved every bite of our meal! We came here for brunch a few months back (and it was delicious) so we were excited to come back and try out their dinner menu. I loved the concept of the 3-course dinner so much that we're going to try another restaurant around town this month. It's Luke's birthday month, so the next place is his choice :)

^^Amazing potato bread^^
^^ The Country Cat's Whole Hog with brined and grilled loin, roasted belly and braised shoulder ^^
(what Luke ordered)

And now for the Portland Dining Month special 3-course dinner...

^^ First course: Black pepper-crusted beef carpaccio 
with truffled leeks, hard-cooked egg and celery leaf salad ^^
^^ Second Course: Cast iron skillet-fried chicken with mashed potatoes and country gravy ^^
^^ Dessert: Mom's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and candied walnuts ^^

The 3-course dinner was nothing short of amazing! I shared a few bites with Luke because he was drooling just looking at my plates! For $29/person, it really is a good deal. I can't wait to try out another Portland restaurant (just waiting to hear what Luke's next choice is...). I'll make sure to post about our next Portland Dining Month experience again! :)

*A huge thank you to the Portland Bloggers for providing Luke & I with this opportunity.


  1. I love city's dining weeks. A good excuse to try out new places and eat yummy food! And I am an absolute sucker for carrot cake. YUM!

  2. YUM! the food looks delicious.. i LOVE LOVE carrot cake! and that's such a great price for so much food! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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