Weekend Highlights

I must clarify... "Weekend Highlights" is an extremely misleading title for this post. Since Thursday around 2pm we've been completely snowed in. We had a major storm come through and dump buckets upon buckets of snow and then freezing rain a few days later on top of all the snow. Portland is hardly equipped to handle even a few inches of snow, let alone over a foot. We left the house twice to walk down the street to get groceries, but other than that, we've been stuck at the house. We live at the bottom of a hill and there was NO way our car was getting up it (believe me, we tried :) ). Anyhoo, here were my weekend highlights (and not in order of most exciting, haha):

  • Luke and I not killing each other! Our house is on the smaller side, so there's not much room to escape each other. We did surprisingly well, haha!
  • taking care of Luke because he is sick :(
  • Deep cleaning all the bathrooms in our house. I mean down on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors and cleaning all the nooks and crannies. 
  • Completely cleaning out our extra bedroom.
  • Running many loads of laundry and organizing my closet.
  • Watching the Olympics, a lot of them. 
  • Making these amazing chicken meatballs. I served our with whole wheat spaghetti. 
  • Burning through three candles, my favorites!
  • Drinking wayyyy too much hot cocoa.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that it was better than ours ;)


  1. We did a major cleaning this weekend too. It feels so good waking up to it today! :) Those candles are so pretty!

  2. whhhhhat it snowed in portland?! ah. dream. crushed. i thought it never snowed there! anyways im glad you made the most out of your snow days! the chicken meatballs sound delicious! xo

  3. I did a lot of the same - cleaning, Olympics-watching, and hot cocoa-drinking! It definitely made all this snow a bit more bearable.
    Lovely blog! :)
    CoverGirl + Converse

  4. Yay for not killing each other! I swear, if I hadn't had to start dog sitting for my friend out here in Newberg on Saturday I would have been holed up in my little 500sq. ft. shoebox this whole time and would have gone INSANE. Luckily the 4wd made it out here and the dogs have been keeping me entertained, haha. Now let's hurry up and thaw this place out so we can get back to life!

  5. I'm jealous of everyone who gets snow! But then again if I was snowed in I'd have to clean and I never like doing that haha!

    I hope Luke is feeling better :(


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