Bring your Instagrams to life!

I recently ordered some Stickygrams & turned some of my favorite Instagrams into magnets. It was extremely easy; you just link your Instagram account, click the photos you want turned into magnets & checkout! About a week later your magnets arrive in your mailbox! They're so cute (they're also the actual size of your Instagram photo on your phone) & are pretty good quality! I already want to order more! 

I made sure to order most of my favorite Instagram photos: a few photos of the puppy, some Chicago skyline photos for Luke to have in his office, one of my favorite wedding photos & some shots of us on one of our most recent date nights!

If you order your own set of Stickygrams use this code FRIEND131D to recevie $2 off your order!


  1. ah! i love this idea!! i have some instagrams i'd love to print! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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