Our Minted Holiday Cards

We ordered our holiday cards from Minted last year & loved them SO MUCH that we used Minted again this year! We got the "holiday postcards" and there's actually a little extra surprise on the back of them. But I don't want to spoil it for all our friends & family that will be receiving them! Let's just say the doggie makes a fun little appearance on them :)

I cannot recommend Minted enough! I wasn't paid for this, I just genuinely love the quality & service!
Check out our Minted cards from last year here


  1. so cute! i was going to send out holiday cards from minted this year but instead we decided to wait until our wedding photos come back and do our thank you's. i thought we'd have them back by now but we don't!! p.s. is the surprise what i thinkkkkkkkkkk it is :) :) !?!!?

  2. Your card is so cute! I love the design you picked and the photo is beautiful! We ordered our cards from Minted as well, they are the best :)

  3. SO cute! I love your cards and love the matching red.


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