In PDX: Tasty n Alder

One of my dad's best friends gave us a gift certificate for the Tasty n Tasty restaurant group as a wedding present. His reasoning (which I totally love & agree with) is that he wanted to give us an experience, something that we can remember, instead of a blender that was just going to break in a few years. He instructed us to order small plates so we could try as much as possible. I now know why he said this, because everything that we tried was beyond tasty (hehe)!

Since we had already been to Tasty n Sons & Toro Brovo, we decided to try the new Tasty n Alder. So a few Friday's ago, we got off work slightly early & headed downtown for a date night. We arrived early, but we were able to take a seat near the bar & order a few drinks & bites of food. As soon as 5:30 hit, the place started to pack in. We were lucky enough to get a cute little table right by the open window. It was another perfect Portland evening with very warm, but not overwhelming temperatures; just the right amount of heat for a Friday evening dinner.

 Hush Puppies
 Biscuit & honey butter
^^ Northwest cheeses ^^
^^ Halibut fish tacos, some of the best in all of Portland ^^
 ^^ The most delicious steak sandwich. On Earth. ^^

If you live in the Portland area, or are just visiting, I'd definitely recommend a stop by this place. We'll be going back for sure! I still have to try that crab dip that has been receiving rave reviews!

- Photos © Holly Copeland -

*In PDX is a series where I feature local Portland establishments. If you would like your business to be featured, please contact me here.


  1. Yum! This place looks fabulous! I loved getting gift cards for our wedding... things that we could do together after all the craziness settled!

  2. Ahh, Tasty n Alder is my absolute favorite! These photos are making me hungry. Love your blog. :)


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