We might have eloped before Mexico...

It's true.
We didn't want to deal with the crazy logistics of legally getting married in Mexico
(like having to arrive days ahead of schedule,
hire a doctor come to your room to perform blood work & what not...)
If you know Luke & I, you'd know that we're not big on tradition,
it wasn't important for us to legally get married on the actual day of our wedding.

To properly tell the story...
Let's rewind to about a month & a half before the wedding...

We were trying to schedule our "legal" wedding at the Courthouse.
I was getting all sorts of frustrated & upset over the times they have to offer.
It was either 1:30pm on a Tuesday for $100 OR 5:00pm on a Friday for $200.
In our eyes, we just couldn't justify spending that much money,
when we were already going to have a wedding in Mexico.

I called my dad, explained the situation & how upset I was.
We talked through a few options
& together we came up with the best option that I could have ever imagined...

My dad became ordained & married us in our backyard!
In the month & a half leading up to this day, my dad couldn't have been more excited.
He received the "welcome package" when he became ordained.
(you know the certificate, business cards, bumper stickers...)
He would insist on being called Reverend Mark Carman.
He would call me to chat about details of the speech he was preparing...
Every time we talked about it, I could tell that he had a smile on his face,
just like I did on the other end of the line.

June 8th ended up being one of the sweetest moments with my family.
Having my dad sign our marriage licence...
Skype'ing in Luke's parents from Indiana...
Having our closest family members with us...
It was such an amazing & unforgettable day.

Now Luke & I have TWO wedding anniversaries! :)
You know what that means... He has to buy me double the presents now!
(just kidding! not really...)


  1. Seems like that makes sense to me! And like you said, now you have even more days to celebrate each other!

  2. Cabo was amazing...but, this one was my favorite wedding!

  3. I've always kind of loved the thought of eloping with only a few people and having the big party later, when all the pressure is off! I love this! Happy, happy wedding day(s) to you and Luke!

    1. Me too! I've always thought that eloping was so romantic :)


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