The BEST summer shorts

These shorts are the absolute best! I'm so serious! I've never ever been a shorts girl. Never in my entire life. This summer after a lot of working out & eating healthy I was feeling like this might be my summer to try shorts. Sounds silly, I know :) I ventured over to Old Navy with Luke while shopping for Cabo & found the shorts of my dreams. Seriously, guys! I've never had a pair of shorts fit me good, at all. They're always too large in the waist, or too tight on my thighs - but these Old Navy shorts fit kinda perfectly. I scooped up three pairs & have been wearing them non-stop! The best part (besides the amazing fit) is that they're so cheap! I picked up two pairs for $12 and a third pair on the sale rack for $6.99. Take my word, these shorts are the real deal! :)

This post was *not* sponsored by Old Navy, I just really like love their shorts & thought I'd spread the word!