Our Wedding: Portraits

Luke & I are definitely not a traditional couple; it wasn't really important for us to see each other for the first time when I was walking down the aisle. So we did a first look before the ceremony. I'm so glad we did the first look, too, because we spent a good hour + taking photos before the ceremony... which meant we had all that time to spend with our guests after the ceremony instead of doing our photos then! Looking through all these photos (over & over again...) just puts a huge smile on my face. These photos were taken just a month ago now. Even though it's only been a month, I'd give anything to go back & re-live that day - it was really & truly the best.

Here are some of my favorite photos of just Luke & I from the wedding. It was hard to choose just a few to share, let me tell ya! Hope you like them as much as I do :)

After the ceremony & while all of our guests were eating, drinking & chatting away, we snuck down to the beach to take a handful of few photos when the light was just right...

Photos by Linnea Paulina Photography


  1. They're beautiful, Holly!!! It looks like it was a wonderful day!

  2. Aw! These are so good. I'm not doing a first look next May when I get married. I just cannot do it, but First Look pictures are some of my favorite wedding photos of all. It really sets the mood for the rest of the wedding day. Love these! I'm a ginger too!:)


  3. Beautiful photos! Congratulations as well! I keep seeing you pop up on IG and forget who you are because of the name change...haha.

  4. So gorgeous! I love your attire and the striped shoes + striped ribbon on your bouquet! Perfection!

  5. Ahhh, that last one...love love love!


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