Our Summer Bucket List

Here in the Northwest we take full advantage of the summer months. The weather is usually pretty darn amazing & we try to be outdoors as much as humanly possible. In the last few years, I've pieced together "Summer Bucket Lists" for all the summer activities I'd like to partake in. Here is my 2013 version... What's on yours??

1. Visit as many Portland parks as we can
2. Organic Brewers Festival &&& Oregon Brewers Festival (we love our beer!)
4. Make a few trips up to Seattle
5. Host a backyard BBQ
6. Do a few photo shoots
8. Go Camping
9. Ride the BrewCycle (if you didn't believe me before, we REALLY love our beer!)
10. Do our kitchen remodel

See some of my previous summer bucket lists here... 20122011.


  1. My summer bucket list definitely includes a BBQ. We're also working on a basement remodel project right now so I'd love to get that finished sooner than later. And beer... lots and lots of beer, of course! ;)

  2. i hope you do make it up here to seattle its beautiful here. i'm driving down to beaverton/bend in august. other than that nothing is on my summer list.

  3. Love it! I also live in PDX and love beer :) awesome bucketlist!!


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