Whey Bar & OX

We're always early, Luke & I.
A few Fridays ago we picked up our marriage license downtown
& then headed over to OX for dinner.
The restaurant doesn't open until 5pm, and it was 4pm.
Lucky for us, there is a bar next door where you can grab a few drinks & snacks while you wait.
The best part is that you can put your name on the list while you're waiting with your beer(s).
Once we finally got into the restaurant, we could hardly contain our excitement.
Seriously, we were like kids in a candy store.
I was running around snapping photos of everything (typical)
& Luke dove straight for the beer list & food menu (also typical) :)
Trying to decide, but there are too many yummy choices.
You're served fresh baked bread with homemade chimichurri. 
If you're lucky, you'll receive a few samples of the coconut curry bisque, compliments of the chef... 
(I kid! I'm pretty sure they give this to everyone...)
Spring Onion, Blue Cheese, Potato & Poblano Empanada
- and -
Fresh Clam Chowder, Smoked Marrow Bone, Spring Onion, Jalapeño
Now this chowder... I have to say that I was a little skeptical to try bone marrow, as I've never had it before. But Luke talked me into it. I'm not lying when I say this is one of the best soups I've ever had. Ever. It's going to be real hard to go back to a traditional clam chowder now.
The Asado Argentino
Grilled Short Rib, House Chorizo & Morcilla Sausages, Skirt Steak, Sweetbreads, Fried Potato, Green Salad
OX most definitely caters to the meat eaters. 
And while I'm typically not the biggest meat eater (I usually stick with chicken)
I found everything to be mouthwatering & amazing.
Through the duration of our meal we kept saying how great everything was
& how we didn't want to stop eating!
But, since I'm not a fan of being uncomfortably full, I stopped pretty early on -
which meant we had a lot left to take home with us :)

(all photos are iphone photos. don't even get me started
on how upset I was about forgetting my dslr at home...)
- Photos © Holly Carman -


  1. Ooh, I love Ox! You were smart to get there early- I've gone at 5:30 and had to wait an hour for a seat. I'm a vegetarian and I left over-stuffed, so there's definitely something delicious for everyone.

  2. Robert and I went to Ox when we were in PDX in March, and although it was a lot less bright than when you went (we went right before closing), it was similarly awesome! We were seated at the grill, which was hands down my favorite part of the restaurant. So glad y'all enjoyed it!

  3. Yum, I loved Ox! We got samples of their soup too - delicious! I don't know how I feel about sweetbreads...haha.


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