My Bachelorette Weekend

My bachelorette weekend was one that will go down in history as one of the best weekends of all time. My bridesmaids (Heather, Kaitlin, Gina & Abby) went above & beyond with all the planning & preparations. They picked out an awesome house, planned all the meals, all the activities, planned a full day of wine tasting... there wasn't a single detail that was left out of place (they even made sure we had plenty of penis straws & penis balloons - a must for bachelorette parties). We even had a night in watching Magic Mike, that was accompanied by plenty of mimosas & lots of cheering from the ladies.  Every moment was better than the last. New friendships formed & existing friendship got stronger. It was really & truly the best. I couldn't be more thankful for the relationships that I have with each & every one of these ladies. Unfortunately there was another bridesmaid that was supposed to be there, but she ditched out on the weekend. I'm not going to re-hash old events, but I will say that I learned a valuable lesson of letting go of what you cannot control or change.
In the end, this weekend was perfect & I'm always going to remember how amazing it was.

The most beautiful girls, inside & out.
Also, I didn't get the no-squatting memo... wah.


  1. So cute (love the sandals - I wore mine today! Go Target! haha)! Bachelorette parties should always be full weekend-long events in my option!


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