Wedding Wednesday: My Bridal Shower

My aunt Holly & cousin Abby (also my bridesmaid!) hosted the sweetest Bridal Shower for me last weekend! They hosted the shower at my aunts condo in the Pearl & I had some of my most favorite ladies in attendance. My aunt made the yummiest salads & we sipped on some delicious sangria. Holly & Abby put so much thought into this day - I'm always going to remember how special my bridal shower was :)

This next part is the best. See Luke on Abby's iPad??

Holly & Abby had a list of 10-15 questions about me. Abby asked all the ladies to answer the questions, so the girls started writing their answers down on a sheet of paper. Then we were ready to start answering the questions to see who got the most right! Abby pulled out her iPad & announced that she had secretly met up with Luke beforehand for lunch, asked him all the questions & recorded all of his answers! After she repeated the question, we found out what all the girls had guessed, I gave my answer & then we heard Luke's answer on the iPad. It was so sweet & one of the most memorable parts of the day! We definitely had a lot of laughs at all the different answers.
- Photos © Holly Carman -


  1. What a beautiful shower. I can't believe it has been over a year since my shower! I've been doing Wedding Wednesday posts this month in honor of my wedding month. So exciting. Savor the moments!!! :)

  2. Oh this looks like so much fun! I love when the groom gets to be a part of the shower. I'm so happy for you love. xoxo

  3. How sweet! Looks like a great shower, love all the pretty details.

  4. What a sweet shower and I love how they included Luke in it with the q&a.

    1. I know - definitely the sweetest part of the day!


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