April Goals

Happy Monday, friends! This past weekend was the best weekend that I've had in quite a long time. I was in kind of a funk after work on Friday & had a hard time snapping out of it. But as soon as work ended we got tickets to the Blazer game with some friends & then learned that our friend was proposing to his girlfriend that next day - so we spent that evening out with them (keeping our lips sealed about the next day) then also met back up with them to celebrate on Saturday evening. The rest of the weekend was spent with family & enjoying the 74+ degree sunshiney Portand weather - which is totally unheard of for March! All in all, it might have been the perfect weekend. Now that it's April, I have some goals to list out! :)

April is going to be a great month, I already know it! My mom celebrates her birthday at the beginning of the month & I'll celebrate mine in the middle of the month (the 16th, for those that would like to send presents...). Just joking (not really... ;). My aunt & cousin are also throwing me a bridal shower in April, too! :)

- Do something really nice for my mom's birthday (on the 8th)
- Price out/plan our kitchen remodel! - OK, I got so excited for this one that I completed it before I even published it here! We priced out our kitchen remodel & started purchasing the supplies for it! We're going to tackle this project after the wedding - so starting this summer Luke & Holly will have butcher block counter tops & subway tiles in the kitchen! I envision myself just standing and staring in awe, upon completion...
- Shampoo the upstairs carpets (hello boring homeowner chore!)
- Finish a few sewing projects that I've been putting off for a long time.
- Hit up some garage sales (is it time for those yet)?
- Plan our own garage sale!
- Figure out what needs to go in our garage sale...
- Continue working on a personal photography project. Something kind of big happened over the weekend - something big that I need to start working towards & practicing for... :)

March Goals

- Do something nice for Luke's birthday (on St. Patrick's Day) - I bought him Mariners/Cubs tickets!
- Finally attend Portland Flea - We did this!
- Continue with our health & fitness plan (more on that later...) - Totally still on track with this!
- Do sit-ups/lunges/squats at least three nights a week - Oops, at least I'm still on track with my health & fitness plan!
- Find a florist that doesn't suck in Cabo (this is harder than you think...) - I'm giving up! Seriously. I was quoted $185 for three stems of peonies, $85 for 3 stems of hydrangeas & $60 for ten stems of ranunculus. WTF. I've emailed back & worth with every florist in Cabo & no one is budging on the prices. I'm told that flowers in Mexico are ridiculously overpriced if you try & special order them. I'm going to end up taking a major risk & buying flowers when we arrive there - a few days before the wedding. Please say a little prayer for me.
- Finalize some wedding decisions (favors, programs, etc) - Finalized decisions - Now just working on the content for the programs! 
- Take my camera out every weekend - I did this! Now I just need to push myself to take more photos!
- Finish backing up my photos! - Oops! :(
- Work on a personal photography project - Still brainstorming!
- Take Gracie on two different hikes (poor puppy needs to get more exercise) - We did this!


  1. This is great, and I need to create a list for myself! I find it's easier for me to complete goals when they're short term, rather than long term. I find that longterm goals I lose the patience for, or feel too overwhelmed and just give up.

  2. I need to make a goal list each month. i get so overwhelmed every couple of days by the amount of things i want/need to do that i usually don't end up doing them. I think if i sat down and wrote them out on paper it would hold me accountable because i reallllly need to do some spring cleaning around these parts - hello, allergies!

  3. Kitchen remodel! Ahh, so exciting. Can't wait to see pictures. Great post, love. If you a get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo



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