March Goals

These hyacinths started blooming in our whiskey barrels over the weekend :)

A little late, but better late than never... Here are my March Goals.

- Do something nice for Luke's birthday (on St. Patrick's Day)
- Finally attend Portland Flea
- Continue with our health & fitness plan (more on that later...)
- Do sit-ups/lunges/squats at least three nights a week
- Find a florist that doesn't suck in Cabo (this is harder than you think...)
- Finalize some wedding decisions (favors, programs, etc)
- Take my camera out every weekend
- Finish backing up my photos!
- Work on a personal photography project
- Take Gracie on two different hikes (poor puppy needs to get more exercise)

I used to document my goals at the beginning of each season, but I'm going to start documenting them monthly. I like that I have a space to write down my ambitions for the month. Maybe it might even hold me more accountable if I have them published for everyone to see! I hope you don't mind that I share them here :)
What are some of your monthly goals? Please share!


  1. Oh yay! St Pattys is my bday too!!! And good luck with your florist :/


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