NOLA: Where we stayed

So, we basically stayed in a mini southern mansion for the 4 nights we were in New Orleans. Seriously. Our house was in the heart of the Garden District, only a block away from the trolley line & a few blocks away from Magazine Street. It had about 7-8 bedrooms & bathrooms & a few sitting/living rooms (perfect for late night dance parties!). The only down side was that the renters the weekend before us (during Mardi Gras) trashed the place & left a lot of things broken (microwave, dishwasher, elevator, etc...) they also lost 3 of the 4 sets of keys! Which made it interesting for our group of 13 to get in/out of the house when we went off doing different things. Anyways, with all that aside, I wanted to share some photos of the place because it was kind of amazing!

Were you able to spot Mardi Gras beads hidden in the photos? They were scattered all around town in trees & on fences - left over from the festivities the weekend before. It was inevitable they would make it into our house after a night wandering around.

- Photos © Holly Carman -


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