Merry Christmas

Hello! It's Christmas Eve, I'm at work because I'm saving up all of my vacation time for a few small trips & our big trip next year, our wedding! While it seems that everyone I know is off this week... I'll be at work, in a quiet office. I am thankful for it though - as it will give me a lot of time to finish all those small projects & prepare for a busy start to the new year.

This past weekend my parents came to town & we celebrated Christmas a little bit early - as we all seemed to have different variations of crazy work schedules this holiday season. We got together with my aunt & uncle in Portland for a delicious brunch yesterday & we'll spend tonight & tomorrow with Luke's aunt & uncle in Vancouver, sipping (spiked!) hot chocolate & enjoying each others company, I'm sure!

However you celebrate this holiday season, I hope it's a good & merry one.


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