Subway Tile Love

I have a serious love for subway tiles. I always have a serious desire to remodel our kitchen & incorporate these beauties into the back splash. As soon as we're done with the wedding (because ya know that eats up a lot of our money...) I'm starting a savings account for some kitchen renovations. For the most part our kitchen is great, but it could use a few tweaks like a subway tile back splash, updated counter tops & a cute little wooden shelf for the window sill above the sink. Okay, I realize that's starting to sound more like a kitchen make-over than a few tweaks!

Unfortunately for the time being, we'll wait on the kitchen - becuase there is nothing wrong with it - it's fully functional. I just often dream of subway tiles :) Maybe if I could convince Luke that a nicer kithcen would result in me cooking up better meals, it will happen sooner? A girl can dream...




  1. We just got subway tile in our bathroom and sometimes I like to stand by the door and just stare. It's so pretty!


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