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Happy Friday! Luke & I are headed up north this weekend for some much anticipated family time. I'll see you all back here on Monday! :) In the mean time, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Right now I'm...

Loving: Luke! Duh. This guy bought us tickets to San Francisco out of the blue! (okay, Southwest was having a blowout sale and he also had a voucher...) But still, he knows it's my favorite city - so he booked us a weekend there in January. Love him!

Lusting after: This faux leather jacket. Target absolutely nailed it this season! Coming in under $40 (and with my discount, hehe) it's practically a steal.

Wedding Planning: Did you catch this post I wrote earlier in the week? When wedding planning gets real... ridiculous? Other than that, no wedding planning updates. When you decide to have a destination wedding at a Mexican resort, they do *most* of the hard stuff for you - you basically just have to show up :)

Looking forward to: A very cold, long weekend in Vancouver BC in less than a few weeks! Do you have any recommendations?

Missing: Our Indian summer. It's just that its been so unbelievably gorgeous in Portland with so much sun & warm weather, I was getting used to having it around. It seems like we all woke up one day and BAM it's cold and foggy. On the plus side, the trees are turning beautiful shades of yellow, orange & red now :)

Excited About: Sophie Kinsella announcing a new book coming out next year! She's my favorite author because her books are so effortless to read. I can read a chapter here and there before I drift off to sleep. It's just a great way to relax & unwind.

Thinking about: Lots of things. I'm thinking about the future & setting goals for myself. I'm thinking that I need to take more pictures, because I really miss photography right now.


  1. Gurl...do you work at Target?? How do you have any money left! I can't walk in there without "accidently" spending at least $100!! I have to make myself not buy groceries at Target! lol Hope you have an amazing weekend and I am now lusting after the jacket!

  2. Just love your blog header! So fun! Best of luck on the wedding planning-I know how crazy it can get!
    :) A


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