Happy Campers

This past weekend Luke & I went camping on the McKenzie River at Olallie Campground. It was also Gracie's first camping trip! We bought our tent over a year ago & I'm ashamed to say that this is the first time that we've actually taken it camping. After this past weekend we definitely wish we would've gone more! Next summer we'll plan better & get some more trips in :)

Sniffin' around...
It's important to point out that I started this fire with only ONE match. It's even more important to point out that I started two more campfires this weekend, again only using ONE match. I'm kinda badass.
We had to pump that red thingy on the right to get water... 

We stumbled across the "Waterfall Loop" trail. It was our best find of the weekend!
The trail winds along the McKenzie River & you almost always have a gorgeous view of the water. 
It was pretty much the best hike, ever.
My two favorite photos of the entire trip. 
(Note: there is a rainbow in each one.)
Happy Campers :)
Hiking is more fun when it's right by the river.
And everything is at your level...
Fiance :)
The second photo is me trying catch the river with a slow shutter speed.
Oregon has some awesome Ranger Stations!
I beat Luke at every game we played. I also accidentally threw my dice in my wine cup instead of the Yahtzee cup. Oops :) 
This is what we went to sleep to & woke up to. It was perfect.


  1. Wow, looks like such a fun, perfect weekend! Holls your photography gets better and better - beautiful shots of the river. Gracie must have had a great time exploring, too! Cute pup.

    Love you!

  2. I'd love to know some tips for bringing your dog camping! We've been thinking about it but we worry there wont be enough room in the tent, or if they will always need to be on leash etc etc!

  3. I like how you are both wearing your Blazer gear! yay!

  4. Smores and Yahtzee...be still my heart. :)

  5. your pup is just too cute! and those smores look DIVINE. mmmmm!

  6. looks like such a sweet little getaway. i love the idea of camping, but i'm not a fan of actually doing it. unless someone gives me a ridiculous amount of alcohol so i don't have time to really think about where i'm sleeping and how many bugs are surrounding me. :)

  7. OMG. Looks like such a gorgeous camping spot! And I like that you threw your dice in your wine cup instead of your Yahtzee cup. haha :)

  8. Camping is one of my favorite things. This place looks like a dream! Adore!!! Beautiful photos!
    xo TJ


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