I promise this isn't going to turn into a wedding blog, but...

I wanted to share some more photos from when we got engaged in Chicago. I told myself that I was going to take about a month just to enjoy the engagement & do NO wedding planning. Well, I lied. As soon as we got home from Chicago I found a wedding magazine on the table that my sister left for me & it's been all downhill since then! I started scouring Pinterest, looking at invitation styles, thinking about possible wedding dates, looking at different resorts in Mexico, looking at wedding dresses online... You name it, I'm researching it! And I can't help it, it's too exciting! I never thought I would want to plan a wedding - but now that we're planning on getting married - I do :)

We've already decided that we're having a destination wedding in Mexico (we've actually known that we've wanted to do that for a long time though...). We've been working with a wedding coordinator to narrow down the perfect resort, set a date & start planning all the logistics. All that & we've only been engaged for a few weeks. Typing all of this out officially makes me look like a crazy person now!

Here's some more photos of the night that we got engaged & more celebrating! Sometime soon I hope to share more Chicago photos  - I just took so many :)


  1. 2 of my friends have gotten married at the moon palace near Cancun. It's a huge but gorg resort! Best pools and beach near the Maya.

  2. Your ring is absolutely stunning! Belated congrats to your engagement!

  3. girl, you are definitely not a crazy person. the engagement and planning is all part of the wedding fun! enjoy it!

  4. you can talk about your wedding all you want, i can't wait to hear more!!


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