Chicago, from the top.

While we were in Chicago we went to the top of the WIllis Tower (formerly Sears Tower). It was such a beautiful & clear day - the views were amazing! It's kinda pricey to get up there, but once you're there it's worth it, I think. At 1300+ feet up in the air, you can step out into a glass box that extends off the skyscraper & look to the city below you. It's a crazy experience, but lots of fun!

- Photos © Holly Carman -


  1. Wow! I would be scared out of my mind to walk out on that glass box! You and your boy are adventurous :) Did it ever feel like you were going to fall right through???

  2. I hope I have the nerve to walk out in the glass box whenever I go to Chicago! Gah, I would be so easy to panic out there!

    Fantastic pictures Holly!


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