Rainy Days

It's officially June-uary (ya know, January weather in June...) in Portland! It's been pouring down rain here for the last few days. Unfortunately it's pretty normal around here though. While I really do love the rain, I am ready for the sun to come out! I put together some items that make all this rain not seem so bad :)


  1. I love the collection of rainy day items you've put together... especially those bright blue boots. Today it's sunny though... wooohoooooo looks like we've got some nice weather ahead! YES!

  2. wow i love that shade of blue on the hunters!

  3. While most people would prefer that we live in a constant state of drought and have 365 days of sunshine a year, I embrace rainy days because I love rain gear so much. Is that strange? Possibly. But rainy days also mean warm beverages, which make every dreary day seem bearable.


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