Happy Summer

Yesterday was the first official day of summer & we couldn't be happier around here! For us, summer means backyard BBQ's, river floating, beer drinking, music festivals, traveling, hiking, camping & spending lots of quality time doing all of this with our very best friends & family. Our summers are usually fully booked with weddings & plans to do something new every weekend. This summer we have a break from all the weddings & lots of time to just relax & enjoy Portland. Here's what our summer looks like so far:

-1st week of July we're in Chicago
-2nd week of July we have friends from Miami staying with us
-4th week of July we have friends from Indiana staying with us
-Last weekend in July is the Oregon Brewers Festival
-August - NO PLANS! :)
-Sometime in September we're taking a very long weekend trip to Napa & San Francisco
-& I'm sure we'll make a few weekend trips to Seattle, too

A very light summer for us & we couldn't be happier! Well we'd be happier if we could afford to take more trips... But you buy a house & pay a mortgage every month & then get back to me... :) Anyways it will be nice to have a lot of time just enjoying Portland weekends without feeling like we're on-the-go all the time. Plus, plenty of time to make sure I complete my summer bucket list!

What do you have planned this summer??
Please share!!


  1. Sounds like you have a GREAT summer ahead! Let me know if you need any tips on places to go and see when you're in SF/Napa!!

  2. ahhh! san fran, my favorite place on earth :) we're going next septemeber for a 2nd time and making a pit stop and napa! you'll need to give me some tips!

  3. I love a plan free summer! We have a couple weddings, and so that means bachelorette parties and bridal showers - but that's it! Isn't this weather amazzzing?! Can't wait to get outside! Hope you're having a great day!

    xo Caitlin

  4. Hot damn, sounds like such a fantastic summer! I feel like I'm on the verge of one of the busiest summers yet - already working 5-6 days a week (ahh, wine tasting season... Sidenote, you guys should come out!) going to see friends in MT and IN, shooting photos for two weddings... Wheeee!

    But as always, so happy to have Portland as home base :)

  5. i wish we could make trips to seattle and san francisco! *sigh*
    so far we are going to a wedding in august and taking a few short weekend trips to italy, spain and france! :-)


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