Tasty n Sons

A few weeks ago I fell in love with the popular (& incredibly delicious) Portland breakfast & brunch spot, Tasty n Sons (which was named restaurant of the year in 2010). You might have to wait a while to snag a seat, but I promise it's worth the wait. Over the past few weeks I went two different times with two different friends. There were SO MANY small plates we wanted, so we each ordered a few then split everything. This place is like tapas for brunch! The food is tasty, the atmosphere is cozy & the prices were surprisingly reasonable. 

If you live in Portland, or are just visiting & want a good breakfast/brunch, I highly recommend trying Tasty n Sons, you won't regret it! :)

The Potatoes Bravas (shown below) are out of this world amazing...

The decor makes for such a warm & cozy environment.

- Photos © Holly Carman -


  1. I have been wanting to try this place!

  2. Yay! If you ever need a reason to go try more of the culinary joy let me know, I'm always looking for a chance to go there, haha

  3. Looks like a pretty amazing place!

  4. Love Tasty and Sons! Though Pine State Biscuits may have beat them out in my book.

    Still worth the wait though.

  5. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Portland, and I just love your blog banner!! Thanks for stopping bye mine :)


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