{good friends}

(Kailtin, Kristy & me)

This past Saturday Kaitlin & I drove to Bend for the day to visit Kristy, our dear friend that is expecting her first baby in just a few weeks. The three of us have quite the past together; we were roommates when we were first starting college. So that means that we've had a lot of late nights, laughs, & just all around great memories together :) I'm thankful that we're still close friends after all these years. Life has changed us much for each one of us from when we met as 17 & 18 year olds... We've graduated from college, started families, moved to different states, but still kept in touch throughout the years. I'm very thankful for these great friends & know we have many more great time ahead of us.

*not pictured: Gina & Coley, whom I also got to spend time with on Saturday. Both such great friends that I'm happy to have in my life :) 


  1. So sweet! Nothing like old friends!



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