I love... cameras

It's no secret that I love cameras. No secret at all. For Christmas my dad surprised me & gifted me 12 vintage cameras! I know, right?! I don't know if any of them work, but they sure are beautiful to look at. I have them all displayed on a shelf in our dining room & I just love looking at them :) And, for as long as I remember, I've always loved cameras. From photography classes in high school & college, to always having a camera with me at all times... Cameras have always been a part of my life, a very important part. & while I'll probably never stop adding to my collection, I've complied a few more ways to collect what has become a huge love in my life...

iPhone Case & Camera Necklace

Vintage Camera Print & Stripped Camera Strap

Camera Lens Mug & Camera Lens Burrito Wrap



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