My Insta-weekend

We had a very relaxing weekend. 
&& It's just what I needed because I start my new job TODAY :)

1. New French Connection dress on sale for $16.99 - Such a steal!
2. Blowing kisses in the car.
3. Luke took me out for dinner to celebrate my new job!!
4. Gorgeous downtown Portland.
5. Berry Crumble bars (come back to the blog on Wednesday for the recipe!)
6. Casual outfit for a family dinner on Saturday night.
7. New succulents from Trader Joe's to brighten up our dining room table.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too! :)


  1. I wish I could eat sushi right now!!

  2. Craving sushi like it's nobody's business! Congrats on your new job! x

  3. Your new succulents look gorgeous. Love your dress! xo

  4. ooo the crumble looks amazing... i'll definitely be coming back on wednesday for the recipe :) xx

  5. i want sushi sooo bad!!!! spain just doesnt do sushi right

  6. Pretty dress! Love those succulents too!

  7. great picture. yum sushi!

  8. While looking at this post I WAS smiling... UNTIL...

    The sushi picture...

    Very extremely jealous right now. Let me tell you why, I think Portland has some of the best cheapest sushi places ever. So many fun sushi places with the conveyor belts... Well, Savannah has NONE that I have found as of yet & I miss good cheap sushi so much. :( No more smiling for me tonight. Hahaha. :)

  9. Oh & to add to my jealousy I have been looking for some succulents for forever & of course I can't find any here but there would be some in Portland. Haha just my luck. Sushi & succulents not in Savannah.

  10. These are super fun pictures!!!! Love instagram! xoxo A-


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