Less is More

I recently got rid of so many clothes that I haven't worn in ages. My closest and our extra room were getting completely out of control! I had clothes stacked up in piles because I was running out of room in my closet & my dresser was already maxed out. I decided it was time to downsize & donate! And I've never felt more free! Now my dresser drawers easily glide shut instead of giving them a forceful push. And my once overstuffed closet now has a little extra breathing room!

Ahhh, it felt so freeing to rid my closet of clothes that I hadn't worn in years. I had khakis from college, shirts from Forever 21 that were easily 4-5 years old (how those weren't all ripping at the seems I don't know...). I had dresses that I bought & only wore once & a zillion "sleep shirts" or "workout shirts" that just needed to be tossed. And the underwear drawer... That one got a major overhaul! I easily cleared out half of its contents! Anything dingy? Gone! Socks missing their other half? Trash! Now I'm left with only things that I want to wear.

Less really is More. It's now much easier to look through my closet for outfit combinations, since I no longer have old clothes cluttering up the space to sift through. Believe it or not, it takes less time to put together an outfit because I can go right to what I'm looking for & not stumble over old items.

And now there's the cleaning rule. Do you know about the cleaning rule?
My sister told me about this & I think it's kinda brilliant. For every 10 pieces of clothing you get rid of, you can buy one in its place. Or, for every 5 pieces of clothing you get rid of, you can buy one accessory. I'm happy to report that I cleared 70 items out of my closet (not counting the underwear drawer, that all went straight to the trash)! Wow, that seems like A LOT. But trust me, I still have a lot that I kept, too.

So in honor of me starting my new job this next Monday (yes, that's right, I accepted a new job & with a great company!) I'm going to use my allowance of 7 new pieces to add to my closet! Actually I kinda cheated already & bought a blazer, two dress shirts & a cardigan from Nordstrom Rack the other day. Okay, I can buy 3 new pieces now! :)

It doesn't look like it, but I swear there are 70 things here! 
All donated now :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your new job!!!! YAY!

    I never knew about the cleaning rule. I owe myself a shopping trip, I think :)

  2. Woo-hoo, congrats!

    I am always going through my stuff and getting rid of things, it makes life easier.

  3. What a great rule! I cleaned out my closet and have about 5 trash bags full of stuff to take to Goodwill - it's crazy how we hold on to things!

  4. And CONGRATULATIONS on your job! That's so exciting!!!

  5. Girl, I totally feel you. When I lived in Italy I only had as many clothes as I could bring over in a large suitcase. Having so few items made me get really creative with my pairings which I think really evolved my style. Good for you!

  6. Love those "rules"!! I'm working on cleaning out now. I have way too many things!


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