If you've visited my blog lately you've probably heard the crickets. I know I have. Between our trip to Vegas for Luke's birthday, starting my new job, traveling for training for my new job, & just trying to keep up in general, this blog naturally takes a back seat. I'll try, try, try to be back soon with pictures from our fun trip to Vegas & everything else we're doing around here. I've just been too busy & exhausted to keep up lately. Hope you all understand :) Be back soon!

& because who doesn't love a good quote :)
something we should all remind ourselves of every single day!


  1. I agree! There should never be any pressure to write. But I can't wait to see Vegas pictures!!

    Hope you're enjoying this raining Wednesday :)


  2. When I get super busy... My blog suffers too! But don't stress. I always try to remember, my blog is suppose to be fun! :) Great quote. Happy Friday!


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