Happy Friday

Something that I think I'm going to love SO MUCH about my new job is that if I work later during the week, I get to leave early on Friday. So, today I get out at noon! :) It would be even sweeter if it wasn't pouring down rain & I could work in the yard & plant some pretty spring flowers... :-/ Oh well, after I finish up some boring stuff like taking my car into the shop & finishing up some cleaning around the house, I'm treating Luke to a date night! He doesn't know where we're going & I can't wait to surprise him. It's been a while since we've gone out just the two of us, so I'm beyond excited to re-connect over a fun dinner & drinks. The rest of our weekend is going to be pretty low-key... I'm getting ready for a work trip to Minneapolis on Monday, so I want to take advantage of some down time while I can :)

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Are you doing anything fun?

(My life in Instagram over the past few weeks...)


  1. Yay for half day Fridays! I have them over the summer, and I can't wait!!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Your pup is so cute! Have a nice afternoon off and a great weekend! xoxo, morgan


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