Sunday trip to Hood River

This past Sunday, Luke & I took a day trip out to Hood River, about an hour east of Portland on I-84 through the Columbia Gorge. We endured the windy car ride mixed with snow & rain & ended up in a cute little snow filled town. We walked around the shops downtown with some warm drinks in hand until our tour at the Full Sail Brewery started. After our brewery tour we had lunch at the pub & then headed home in horrible driving conditions with lots more wind & rain & crazy drivers than the trip out there. We made it safely back to Portland & decided that we love day trips, so we'll def. be doing more in the future :)
Multnomah Falls
Back home we go!


  1. Aw, I love Multnomah Falls and look at all the lovely snow! I've really been missing Portland lately and have been seriously considering making the move back north, these pictures just make me want to move more!

  2. What gorgeous photos! Driving conditions aside, everything looks so beautiful covered in snow. And I have got to get myself in gear and go out to Full Sail, I've heard it's so much fun!

    Glad you guys had a fun weekend!

  3. My husband and I went to Mount Hood for our honeymoon and that was one of our day trips. It was amazing.
    I want to go back so badly.

  4. I love Hood River! I swear, every time we go spend time there, I am ready to pack up and move. At least it's close enough to visit :)


  5. Now that looks like a fabulous day!!! Those shops, warm drinks, and delicious food . . . I'm a little envious :)

  6. These pics are really great.. Isn't it great to be able to explore knew (even old) special little places? Especially when combined with good food! :-) Cool stuff here so adding you to my google.. maybe follow each other?..let's talk soon!

    Hugs from NYC!


  7. seriously sooo gorgeous!! the little shop is really sweet. h is back on the "we gotttta get to the pac-northwest in the next 10yrs train" at least i'll know someone there! xo

  8. Ugh, it looks so gorgeous. I want to visit!


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