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Now that I've found myself with much more free time than my liking... I'm using it to be productive around the house. When we purchased our house, it was move-in ready, but we knew we wanted to make a lot of changes over time. The previous owner was a crazy lady that painted the living room half yellow - half red (thankfully the lender took care of this one & painted it a soft, pale brown), she also painted a bathroom & a bedroom cayenne & one of the spare bedrooms half teal - half purple. Super interesting, especially since the countertops are all green marble. Basically the lady had NO taste. Well, here are a few of the many house projects that I've been working on lately to make our house more of a home :)

I inherited this bench from my grandma & it's one of my favorite pieces in the house. I knew I wanted to place some pillows here because I didn't want it to end up being a place that gathers coats & purses... 
I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my parents, 
so I sewed all of these pillow slipcovers all by myself in one afternoon!
All of the doorknobs in our house were an ugly brass color. Not my taste in the slightest. We looked into replacing them all in a darker color, but it would've cost over $300! Instead I did some research & found that you can spray them in any color you want! I used Rust-Oleum in Oil Rubbed Bronze & only needed two cans for all the knobs in the entire house (18+ knobs). I think I paid a total of $12.00 for this project!
One of the spare bedrooms that is our guest room/my closet/dressing room, was painted a red-cayenne color (it's kinda hard to tell from the photo above). We don't own a single thing that goes with this color, so I ended up painting this room in Behr's Dark Granite
One of our extra bedrooms was painted half teal & half purple. Of course, this needed to go. I painted this room in Behr's Natural Almond. Please excuse the poor quality photos... I haven't been the best photo taker during this whole painting process :)
The above & below pictures are in our kitchen & short hallway to the laundry room from the kitchen. The entire area (plus the dining room) were painted canary yellow (again, kinda hard to tell from the photo). This color freakin clashed with everything!! We painted the ceilings white & painted the walls in Behr's Natural Almond. We're so happy with how it turned out! Our kitchen & dining room no longer look dull & dingy, it now looks fresh & clean :) It's amazing what a difference a neutral color can make.

What do you think? We still have so much that we want to do to this house. I promise to share finished (& much better) photos soon. Stay with me on this one... I'm fining that it's taking longer to put this whole house together than I had originally thought :)


  1. it's the little things that make such a big difference. the house looks great! and i love your fabric choices for the pillows. cute, cute, cute.

  2. I can totally relate to that very last line-- that it takes longer to put your house together than you had originally planned. We bought our house a year and a half ago and it was move in ready as well. All of the walls were white and we've only just gotten to painting the second floor! Plus all of the other things we wanted to change to our tastes that we haven't even gotten to! Your transformation so far looks great! Looking forward to seeing the rest of it!

  3. It's looking good! We have been in our house almost four years and we are just getting around to the "second" round of projects. It takes for ever and then when you are done- there is always more. Just make sure in between you take time to enjoy it!

  4. Looking great.
    It does take a lot of time to decorate that's for sure. I have been in my house for almost 2 years and still have tons to do.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. OMG!! GREAT job!! I love all the changes (especially the paint)!

  6. The house looks great Holls! And I love what you've done with Grandma's bench :)


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