Broder (in PDX)

Yesterday, Linnea & I went to brunch at Broder in SE Portland. I had heard great things about the food, but had never experienced it myself, until yesterday. I took pictures of our food below (obviously) & I'll most def. be back soon, especially since I saw baked eggs on the menu (a new obsession of mine)!
Linnea's Swedish Meatballs, walnut toast & potato pancake.
My Aebleskivers with lemon curd & lingonberry jam.

Thanks for recommending this place, Linnea! & for being such great company of course :)


  1. Love this place!!! I haven't been in over a year but those pictures have me lusting for some swedish meatballs!

  2. One of my best friends raves all the time about this place! Perhaps we'll run into you sometime:-) xoxo

  3. I love your write-up and photos :o) I had so much fun with you yesterday!

  4. Whatever those last things are...they look delicious and I want them...all! :)

  5. are Aebleskivers like donuts?! if so sign me up.. the lemon curd dip looks amazing. xo


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