2012 Pantone Color of the Year

I'm sure you all know by know, about the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year. I absolutely loved last year's color. And when I first saw this years I thought... hmmm that's the color that I can't wear because it clashes real bad with my light red-ish hair. As soon as I got past this, I realized that this color is perfect for a lot of other things (ya know other than clothes). I complied a list below of how I would use this color for everyday things in my life.

Red Floral Chair :: I love this chair. I think it would be a perfect fit in the corner of my neutral-colored living room, providing just the right amount of color & print.
Red Throw Blanket :: Perfect to keep on the couch when you need a little extra warmth.
Red Basket Bag :: A cute cross-body bag that would be good for summer actually... 
gotta keep a bookmark on this one!
Coach Poppy Bangles :: I love Coach jewelry & these bangles.
Coral Oval Earrings :: I'm really liking this color paired with gold.
IKEA Mirror :: Everyone needs a full-length mirror & the color border is a fun touch.
Flats :: Perfect with skinny jeans, or paired with black tights & a dress.
OPI in Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It :: A fun pop of color.

What do you think of the Pantone color of the year?
Love it -or- leave it?

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  1. I love the color, just not on me. I love your ideas, of where you can use it elsewhere.


  2. Oh man I love that chair too. What great finds.


  3. Lovely warm color! Also, your new blog header is so adorably awesome! I love it :)
    We are going to Portland in February...any suggestions of what to see/eat?

  4. ooooooh, I LOVE THAT COLOR! Especially for a living room scheme.

  5. Meh, I could go either way. Right now I am loving grays and browns!

  6. I think it's a great color, (and completely relevant) just in the right usage. The way you suggested above is a great example including accessories, interiors, and especially nails ;)

    I am excited to see more of this burnt orange coming through the way mustard yellow did (also a hard color clothing color for some) and am excited to see how people use it!

  7. i love, love, love the color. fall is my favorite season and everything about this color screams fall!

  8. Love it....on other people. Sadly even the nail color would make me loook like a walking corpse! Now the home decor, I could get into!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  9. Good thing I'm loving that color!! :)


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