the most boring blog post you'll ever read...

Today I'm not at work & my day consists of hanging out on the couch, taking in a nap here & there & basically just trying to do nothing & forcing letting my doggie snuggle with me. On any other day that sounds amazing, but I'm at home sick today, so it's not. (& trust me, I'd much rather be at work today than sick).
You kinda go delirious watching that much bad tv... 

Well here are some highlights from my day so far... 
Let me warn you, it's pretty exciting stuff over here...
  • Watching Gracie attempt to pick up every bone & toy she owns, all at the same time while pacing around the living room.
  • Listening to her bark & whine at the refrigerator.
  • Having to pick her up every time she wants to get on the couch. Then she proceeds to jump down every 10 minutes or so. (right now she's snuggled up with me, so I cross my fingers so tightly that she doesn't move...)
  • Making mashed potatoes (unfortunately they're sans butter). But this is by far the best thing that has happened to me all day. (Is that sad??)
That's all?? Ok, lame I know...
I hope you all are having a much more exciting day than me :) :)


  1. Oh man that totally stinks.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. the little things that make your day when sick, priceless. get better soon dear!

  3. Oh no, be well!!! At least it's happening now so you can get it out of your system before Christmas!

    Puppy snuggles always help speed the recovery process :)

  4. oh hunny, i know this feeling. at least you have the pup to keep you company! get feeling better. xoxo

  5. I hate being sick, so I totally feel your pain! Feel better soon!

  6. the second you feel sick, take zinc! i swear it will stop the cold or cut it in half.


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