Holiday decorating at our house

It's no secret that I love Christmas!
part one & part two of my holiday wish lists,
& now here is our house all decked out for the holidays :)

Fun fact about the "H" & "L" on our mantle...
Exactly one year earlier to the day that we moved into our new house,
we were in Boulder, CO for a mini weekend vacation & we bought these two letters.
At that moment, we decided one day we wanted to buy a house together
& put them in our house as a memory of that special weekend & our plans for our future.
Who would've thought that exactly one year to that very weekend
we'd be moving into our new house together??
It was definitely meant to be :)
You can't have Christmas decorations without the mistletoe :)
Even my typewriter gets all fancy this time of year!

& it wouldn't be Christmas without the holiday baking!


  1. So pretty! I wish I was on top of things as you are... I haven't even thought about holiday decorating yet. This weekend I will have to get down to business.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the holly lights on your typewriter! Where did you find them?

  3. so cute. i'm not much into decorating for the holidays, never really have been. but it's always fun to see everyone else's houses all decorated.

    love the H&L cups on the table as well as on the mantel. i love that. xoxo

  4. Ok, this is all seriously SO gorgeous. Please come and decorate MY house!

  5. Everything look so beautiful! We're going to get our tree and pine garlands this weekend, but you've made me look forward to it even more with these lovely photos! Love the story about the letters on the mantel as well!

  6. mmm i want a cookie! and im pretty sure h has the same type writer as you! very fun :) i love all of your decorations! we need some mistle toe in our condo asap! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. I love all your decorations! That is such a cute story about the "H" and the "L". we just decorated our apartment this past weekend. there is nothing better than christmas time:)


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