Holiday Cards @ Minted

Something that I really (I mean really) wanted to do this year was to take some fun holiday photos & send out customized cards to all our friends & family. And while I was planning on doing this, with the news that I most likely wont have a job after the new year (& not currently having a new one lined up...) I decided to go the safe route & save the extra money instead. I know, not fun. A girl can still dream though! And Minted has some of the cutest customized cards that I've seen. Below are some of the designs that I love & hopefully they'll still be around for me next year ;)

(p.s. if you haven't ordered your christmas cards yet,
Minted is offering 10-15% off your order thru this Friday, 12/9.)


  1. Oh my goodness I just received my Minted cards today! But we could only afford to get 25 ourselves. Such a shame cute things can be a little pricey. Next year Hols, you'll get your cards! xoxo

  2. We ordered ours on walgreens and this week are 33% off. So if you don't need too many, they aren't too expensive! I got 40 for less than $20 :)

  3. Minted has the cutest cards! Don't worry, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything will work itself out.

  4. those are cute! i just am not one to send out cards haha. maybe one day :) if you send one out though i want a copy!!


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