My Holiday Wishlist (part two)

Because one list just wasn't enough... I'm back for round two!! :)
Here was part one, in case you missed it!

1. Flip Cam. I know, I can shoot pretty good video on my camera, but I just love the idea of a pocket-sized video device!
2. Voluspa candle in Goji Berry. This candle reminds me of an Anthropologie that Luke & I visited in Boulder, CO. The entire stored smelled like this candle - it reminds both of us of one amazing trip that we took together. It would be nice to have some of these candles in our new house now :)
3. Waffle Maker. Can you believe that we don't own one of these already!? Seeing as Luke & I are huge breakfast fans, we need to add this to our life soon.
4. Wine Tower. Being the wine lover that I am, it's safe to say that this will get some good use in our house!
5. Curtains, hanging ceiling lamps & paint. We need to spruce up our dining room & I think this will do the trick!
6. A Norfolk Terrier. This is the dog that we've both been wanting! We're hoping for a Christmas Puppy :)


  1. mmmm yum, i love those candles and i second the pup!!! xo

  2. I love voluspa candles...I always give them as gifts! And a Christmas puppy??? now THAT is an amazing gift :)

    p.s. stop by my blog for a giveaway!!

  3. I'm pulling for #6!

    PS: It's looking like Tuesday, but I'll email you for sure later :)

  4. I love that wine tower! So pretty... I hope to be seeing you at the Portland Blogger's Meet-up this Sunday!

  5. We are looking at that same wine tower!! love your second list!


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