My Holiday Wishlist (part one)

I know it's not even Thanksgiving, but I don't care! I love the holidays, Christmas especially. I love that the holidays are full of love & happiness & family time. Speaking of happiness, I compiled a list of items that would make me really happy. Okay, this is mostly for fun. I just thought it would be fun to share some things with you that are on my wishlist this holiday season.

Okay, this is only part one. I have a part two coming soon... :)
1. Zoya's "Feel" Collection. Zoya's newest collection is my favorite so far. A collection of wintery creams for a soft romantic look this holiday season. My favorites are Kendal, Megan & Avery. 
2. J. Crew Stackable Bracelets. I think these mix & match bracelets would be perfect to pair with any outfit this winter. 
3. 35mm Lens. I already want a new camera lens. I might need to do some more research, but I'm really liking this one so far!
4. Kate Spade City Lights cosmetic bag. This little pouch is so cute, I love the fun, bright bokeh lights of the city. 
5. Fujiflim Instax Mini. I've been wanting to add this to my camera collection for a while. I love the instant mini prints!
6. Kate Spade Silver Ring Cocktail Gloves. These gloves are just too cute for words!
7. Hunter Wellies. Who doesn't want a pair of these?! I live in Portland, so I'm surprised that I don't already own a pair...


  1. LOVE those J Crew stacking bracelets! And that Kate Spade bag. What a great wishlist!!

  2. it's totally okay - i compiled my christmas list weeks ago! i think i'm most looking forward to a new kindle and a vera bradley cosmetic bag.

  3. Great list! You need an Instax. I think it's a blogger requirement or something. ;)

  4. I want Hunter Wellies, too.

    I'm also from Portland and a big Beaver Believer! I'm totally jealous of your blog header. It's so cute!

  5. those bracelets are fantastic... i need to make a wishlist.. i'm just terrible with this kind of stuff.

  6. Great wishlist!)

  7. adoring this list! especially 1,2, and 7, have you checked out the Hunter boots with the zippers in back? love and crave them!

  8. Love those zoya colors! I've been meaning to put together my list for quite some time. it's never too eary!

  9. That is a wonderful wish list! Billy just bought me the 35 mm for my birthday! I love it so much :)

  10. Those Zoya nail polishes are to die for! I love them.
    Great list! I want pretty much everything on it ;)


  11. love your picks and those zoya colors are gorgeous!!


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