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I've debated several times whether or not to even write about this, but after realizing the importance of connections and networking, I felt it was in my best interest to do so. I've been connecting with some great Portland bloggers lately, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to get the word out there. Plus, this blog is my personal space. It's where I can share what I'm going through & how I hope to get thought it all.

The company that I work for is going through the process of being bought out by another company. After the deal goes through, there will be another company that will take control over the future of my job. Every day it's sounding more & more like I need to better align myself with a different company that can provide me with more job security. Because the future is extremely uncertain here - I need to take the necessary steps to protect my future.

I just moved to Portland from Seattle & started working here only 5 short months ago. Before that I had a very stable job (albeit in Seattle & not where I wanted to stay living...) Moving down to Portland & accepting my current job seemed like a really good next step in my career at the time. As things start to change moving forward, it's becoming clear that I too, need to make a change. If I don't do it soon, someone else could change that from right underneath me.

I'm trying to stay as positive as possible & can only hope that there are better opportunities out there for me. I'm actually holding up better than most people, I think. I have a little bit of time to look around, but from job searching in the Portland area in the past, it's not exactly easy.

Wish me luck, all! :)


  1. Good luck! I hate job hunting and even more importantly I hate interviewing! I used to live and work in the Portland area about 6 years ago before I started moving around the world and just found your blog and thought I would support other Pacific NW bloggers! Happy job hunting!

  2. I can't imagine how scary it must be. Chin up, be excited about what the future holds and Good luck!

    {And b/c I don't remember things, if I haven't told you already your new header is AMAZING! Who did it?}

  3. ughhh i cant believe that! good luck with job hunting and stay positive!! xoxo

  4. good luck hun! just sent you an email with some ideas :)

  5. ok so my advice with another company purchasing your company....

    i've been there. i worked for a petroleum company here in utah that is fairly well known. it had changed names twice since i had worked there. well the 49% share owner (flying j - not sure if you have heard of them) went bankrupt. it didn't affect our company but we were looking for someone to take their place. the company that took over promised no one would lose their jobs and everything would go as normal.

    the first month they kept their promise. then people were losing their jobs left and right. we were walking on eggshells and it felt like at anytime, no matter how good you were at your job or how long you'd been with the company, you'd be given the boot.

    needless to say, two or three months into the new company purchasing us out i went and found another job. i wasn't about to run the risk of losing my job and not being able to find a new one. i'm so grateful i did because i heard of even more people who lost their jobs after that.

    mind you, this is just one story. but make sure you have your back covered either way.


  6. Good lucky Holly!! Everything will work out for the best...I think it's always good to look out for yourself and make sure you're taken care of. Let us know how it works out...and remember, tomorrow is a new day! xo


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