last pix of the summer

I thought I should stop procrastinating & share my final pix of the summer, since we're totally in fall now! A little while back (the Friday of Labor Day weekend to be exact) Luke & I both got off work early for the holiday weekend & hit up a new happy hour spot & later took advantage of the warm evening weather by strolling around downtown (when it got dark we stumbled across a movie in the park showing of Roman Holiday!). I even had my very first Voodoo doughnut! For being an Oregonian, I should have done this already, oops!

Okay, summer is over!
Now on to fall! :)


  1. Girl we're Portland soul mates! I got Voodoo on Sunday too!! Mmmmm the Miami Vice is my fave!

  2. YuM! That donut looks delish :) your pictures always look so fun!

  3. umm that doughnut looks aaammmaaazzziiinnnggg

  4. isn't it wonderful to live like a traveler in your own city sometimes? I always forget to do the things I would if I only had one day to live-it-up in Portland.

    Love that you were there too. I think it was probably the best thing happening in the entire city that night! (hard to top, really.)

  5. this pictures are awesome! i wish that pink truck would pay me a visit ;)


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