day 4: something that you miss

Day four of the photography challenge takes me to "something that you miss".
I was trying to think of something, but got stumped,
so I'm going with someone that I miss.
Here is my cousin Abby.
She just moved to Paris for a year (possibly longer) to work.
I'm sure going to miss her around Portland!

Here are some pix that we took at her going away party
(at my aunt & uncle's lovely condo in the Pearl)

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  1. HOLLS!! Wow you are too sweet. What a wonderful surprise to find while catching up on my blog reading. Love you cousin :) Miss you too!

  2. I need to get the ball rolling and start this challenge! Hopefully this weekend :)

  3. mmmm, that brownie platter looks like it was made for me!!! :)

  4. Wow! That condo is stunning. And the party looked adorable and so well thought through.

  5. Love your photos, as always :) What a lovely party for your cousin! Hope she's having fun in Paris :) xx

  6. Those brownies have my name all over them! :)
    Lovely pictures and lovely blog! Have a great day!

  7. Looks like an amazing party for an amazing girl. I miss Paris... hell, I miss travel so much that I'm cutting back on all expenses so I can get my booty back to Italy.


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