Seaside * Cannon Beach * Astoria

I spent this past Monday & Tuesday on the Oregon Coast with my family. My dad was at a conference in Seaside with his fellow firefighter friends, attending arson investigation workshops & seminars. Sounds super fun, right?! So my mom, sister & I took advantage of his free  hotel accommodations & us girls spent a few days at the beach, too :) Since Seaside is right in-between Astoria & Cannon Beach, we decided to spend some time in each beach town. We walked on the beach, ate at Mo's, walked around all the cute shops, had yummy brunch & took in all the sights of the ocean. It was a perfect few days just for us girls :)

{Seaside, OR}

{Cannon Beach, OR}

{Astoria, OR}

{Hope you enjoy my little video...}


  1. you lucky girl :) i love cannon beach and will actually be there in a few weeks...portland too :)

  2. What a fantastic getaway. Your photos are gorgeous. Glad to see how happy you are in Oregon!

  3. YAY!! I love Seaside! Such a great getaway.

  4. Such great photos! Don't you just love spending time walking around little towns?! I love it! It seems to be a girl thing though, because I can never get my bf to go with me. He has to have a purpose when going somewhere; can't just meander around and look at stuff. I guess that's what girlfriends are for right?! :)

  5. Such a cute video!! You should do more of these :)


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