day 2: this makes me smile & some weekend snapshots

this makes me smile.
the end.

-----   -----  -----

Just kidding, that's not all.
That's just for my 30-day photo challenge.
& wine does make me smile (A LOT).

Here are some weekend photos I took. 
The first set are from a neighborhood association party 
that the Pearl District put on. 
As soon as I heard they had free food & drinks, I was there!

The second set of photos are from our shopping trip to IKEA!
(enough said)

& then the next day
we went to IKEA (!!) to get some (lots) of ideas for our new house!!
 Our new dining room table? Yes!
 Lunchbreak! Swedish meatballs, mmm
 Our new living room rug is only $19.99!
 Cheap NYC prints, okay!
 Here's the boyfriend, writing everything down for us
 Vases that will sit atop the dining room table
*of course it's not!

How was YOUR weekend?


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love little neighborhood events. And wine. A lot. I really love wine.

  2. I spent the weekend at Ikea, too! And definitely overdosed on those meatballs...and the almond cake...and the chocolate cake. *cough*

  3. all that food looks awesome. that glass of wine would make me smile too!

  4. Food looks ahhmazing. I have been craving some red wine lately and might just have to grab a glass tonight, thanks to your adorable blog.

    I'll definitely be following going forward--keep the great posts coming!

  5. If only I lived in the pearl and could go to parties like that! My neighborhood does nothing cool like that. Womp womp

  6. crazy! we went to IKEA this weekend too! it was the first time ive ever eaten there too...we got caprese paninis and they were pretty good. AND i couldn't resist a cinnamon bun on the way out (with extra frosting!) xo

  7. wine. yes. ikea. double yes.

    i knew we were meant to be friends.

  8. LOL at the not-actual-size hotdog. What a pity - a hotdog that ginormous would be epic! :D

  9. Lol, I love the *not actual size. And wine makes me very happy too ;-)


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