New Hair!

I'm going to start off by saying... I have the strangest hair on earth. I was born with red spiky hair that grew into strawberry blond straight hair. Around middle school it turned super thick & super frizzy (right in time for that awkward teenager phase!). By high-school it got more tame & by college it had turned curly! Somewhere between college & now it just goes inconsistently wavy & frizzy, sometimes curling, but mostly not. The only thing that's been consistent is the color, which thankfully, I absolutely love. I love LOVE being a redhead!

OKAY, so after having short hair for years & years, I was insistent that I was finally going to grow it out. I tried. But with how thick & inconsistent my hair texture is, I grew tired of spending a half hour blow-drying it & when it air dries it takes hours & half goes flat, all goes frizzy & I'm always unhappy with it. SO, it was time to chop it all off again!

My sister gave me a fresh new look right before I went to Miami & I am in love with how it turned out! It's at a good point where it just does a little curl & a little flip, with little to no maintenance. I'm pretty sure that I'm meant to have my hair this length :)

My hair was all one length, looking dull & weighed down.

Instead of going with just one of the inspiration photos above, we kinda did a mix of all of them, hehe.
It might not be that noticeable, but my sister cut off more hair than I had left on my head!
The back is layered, it's thinned out all over & I absolutely love it! :)


  1. super super cute! You look really fresh & chic.

  2. i really like it! the new cut frames your face v nicely :) xo jillian

  3. super cute- i have been thinking about cutting my hair short :)

  4. it looks SO GOOD!! so sassy, i love it.

  5. I love the new do! :) I took #3 with me to my stylist once too... these are all great cuts!

  6. You look fantastically chic! Love the hair cut :)


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